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I am alive 2005-07-31 10:41 a.m.

I have not written in forever. So Well I been working really hard and lost 28 lbs over the past few months. I finally gave in and had sex with Mitch. I should have known though that things couldn't be the same afterwards. I myself got a little weird because he was getting very obsessive about sex with me. I mean I would get those "I need to fuck you...so bad..." phone calls. I am kind of modest when it comes to things like that. I wanted to chill out but he became a real jerk about it. I have been successfully giving him the silent treatment and he's been kissing my ass. I don't know what to do about that.

To top everything off though, my friends husband confessed that he liked me alot and thinks about me and if he was my boyfriend he would treat me so good. My heart broke, I mean your girl and me a really good friends. I lectured him with the whole symbol. i symbolize what you think is wrong with your wife. I explained taht I am fun and outgoing and like to party because I am single and have no kids. I seem like a good idea but it's never worth it with me. I tried steering clear for the rest of the night but he did kiss me and I ran off, I pretended like it didn't happen the next day. I had been drunk and shouldn't have let him kiss me, I cried about it and feel real crappy. I just want to forget it forever.

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